Music Super Pack - Importing

Hello! I have downloaded the Music Super Pack, but can’t seem to figure out how to import the tracks into Fotomagico. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

PS - The download page should probably include instructions : /

I thought during the download of the Music Packs they were placed in their appropriate folder and in the correct place, but if not, and you CAN find the folder that you dowloaded, then just drag it into the following location:

/Users//Library/Containers/com.boinx.FotoMagico6.macOS/Data/Library/Application Support/com.boinx.FotoMagico6.macOS/Snippets/Music

As shown above, all the music should be in the Snippets/Music folder. You might want to restart FM after that just to be sure it can make the correct folder associations. But the Music Pack tracks should now appear at the top right once you click on the Audio button (you might have to scroll up and down to find them).

Hi @Paul_Trantow_2761 Thanks for joining the FotoMagico community and for reaching out with your question.

If you’re using FotoMagico 5 or a FotoMagico 6 version before 6.2, the Music is stored in “Snippets”. This has been changed in FotoMagico 6.2 where it appears under Music in the new Media Browser.

Hello! Could you elaborate? I have IMAGES, VIDEO, AUDIO and SNIPPETS. There’s a “music” folder in AUDIO containing a “music” folder and an “iTunes” folder but they’re both empty.

I’d love a screen grab. Thank you.

What FotoMagico version are you using?

6.2.1. Fresh download.