Music library updating

I have been waiting for this function since I started using Fotomajico 2, years ago. I wish that FM would recognize when a new song has been added to my iTunes playlist, so I could pull in new music selections much easier. When i add a song to a playlist in iTunes, I have to exit out of FM completely, and reboot FM, in order to have new playlist tunes appear. I try hitting “refresh” but that doesn’t do anything. As soon as I reboot FM and re-launch my project, I can access the new song options, but that is a pain!

Hi, the iMedia Browser relies on the information that is “broadcasted” by media applications like iTunes, Lightroom, Photos, etc. Sometimes information about new items is not broadcasted immediately. In these cases it often helps to quite iTunes, to force it to write out info about the current playlists. I know that seems inconvenient, but since iTunes, Lightroom etc is out of our control…

ok will give that a try – thanks!

I do not see any playlist of my apple music! Need assistance! Thanks!