Music Folder On Ext disk

I have moved my iTunes/Music folder to an external disk because of running out of room on my HD, how can I retrieve it from this ext disk in Fotomagico

When you click on the Audio tab you should see all of your audio divided into two sections, one under “Libraries” and one under “Folders.” I’m just guessing here, but have you tried dragging the new iTunes/Music folder from the external drive back into the “Folders” section? I would think that creates the link to the new external folder contents.

In FM’s Preferences > Libraries section you can turn Media Libraries on or off (Aperture, Lightroom, Photos, iPhotos, iTunes), but there’s no way to change their default locations. I think the above process might do the trick. But I can’t guarantee it.

For whatever slideshows I create, I always set up a distinct and separate folder for it, which contains all of the photos, videos, AND music for that particular presentation. If any music happens to be in my iTunes library, I copy that to the show’s folder as well. That way everything stays in one place and I can move that folder and its contents around as needed. All I have to do is re-link its location as necessary if I do move it.