Multiple slides title

I would like to have a scrolling title text over 4 or 5 slides. To end a slide show this would be a really professional tool.
Is this already possible ?

Not possible to extend a scrolling title over 4 or 5 slides. But there IS a workaround. Don’t forget, you’ve only got 6 layers max to work with (I wish they would remove that limitation). Hopefully, ONE layer will be the text, and the other 5 can be individuals images. Anyway, drag an image to a slide. Drag your next image to the same slide. Drag your next one. Layer them up, one on top of another. Place the scrolling text (I’m assuming you want it to scroll vertically, probably from bottom to top) as the top layer. Adjust it’s placement on the Start so that it starts at the bottom and Finish it as it scrolls off the top. Set the duration of the entire slide. Now, using the Options sidebar, adjust the timing of the Visibility of each of those image layers so that when one fades out the next one fades in. And you’ve got it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. That’s exactly how I already figuered it out. Hopefully FM will develop the possibility to extend the title over several slides or remove the limitation of layers.
Thank you for now.

Hi. We have that feature request on our todo list. Not sure when we will be able to introduce this feature, as it requires a completely new playback and rendering engine. Authoring UI in the Storyboard also need to be rewritten. Quite a bit of engineering will be required.

When the feature is introduced, we plan to make any layer span across mutliple slides, not just titles, but also image and movie layers. That way a new level of creative possibilities is reached.

Thanks for the reply, Peter! I understand the above mentioned “features” won’t be appearing soon, but they WOULD DEFINITELY improve on the creative aspects of FM. Can’t wait to see them implemented in a future release!!

Hi there,
I also think, THIS would be a great new feature for FM 5.0! Of course a great tool is not been made for fiddling with workarounds! It would be much easier to have the same (graphical and numerical) tools for transitions in slides, titles, layers and sounds and they should be completely independent from each other, like in Adobe Premiere or good old Macromedia Director.