Multiple Shows with one mimoLive document? How to separate Design and Layout from Content in mimoLive?

Coming soon…

Content: (master class)

  • One Document, multiple Shows and Show-Formats: Let’s say: 5, 10, 20?
    — Different OnScreen languages within multiple Show Formats.
    — Dynamic positioning: for Lower Thirds, Comments, Station-IDs …
    — Dynamic formats (color, Font Faces)
    — Brainware (Methods)
  • and, and, and…

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The new version of mimoLive is out (5.10.1) and all of the basics to seperate design and layout from content are available.

This example uses most of the principles we’ll have a look on.


I think this is better:

  • So, instead of this session, I want to recommend you to get inspired by this live-on-tape video.