Multiple NDI Outputs

Hi guys,
just wondering if i have in the output section, more than 1 NDI out active, will i be able to select them as different inputs in another NDI application?
Or another case, would be, 2 mimo docs, each one with one NDI out, will i be able to select the different out?
Just asking because i am in a situation where i have 2 mimo docs running production, and i cannot see 2 different feeds but just one.

Hi @tino It should work. Just tried it, the problem is that if both outputs have the same name, it shows only one of them. You can rename the output destination by clicking on the name (default: NDI®) and change it. Then also make sure that both are “live” (red)

Thanks Oliver! so easy that i completely forgot it.
I would like to let you know that today during a show, i noticed that in multiview my syphon sources are frozen, unless the one is live in program. This behaviour not happen with NDI inputs, but in the meantime sources were acquired and run correctly.
Could be something related in video processing?

Maybe we need to make it more obvious.

Thanks for the info on the Syphon/Multiview situation. It is very strange. Of course, we avoid processing a source if it isn’t in use, but adding it to a multiview should activate it. I’ll report it to engineering.