Multiple MimoLive Instances

We do a number of live streams both studio based and remote studio based.

Do you have any recommendations how to feed one mimolive instance (say a stream from Ireland) into another (say a stream from UK)?

If not - can anyone suggest anything third party we could look at (ideally online based) where different RTMP feeds can be cut between and pushed to a core RTMP feed (so I suppose you could call this a MimoLive instance switcher)?

Any suggestions warmly invited - googling this is giving me a headache!

@MrAndrewMcLean We’ve gotten that request a few times before. The “right” way to do it would be to add a mimoCall client to mimoLive, so that you can use mimoLive to call into another mimoLive. It is on our wish list, but not very high up.

Meanwhile, you could use the Virtual Camera plugin to feed the mimoLive output into a mimoCall client running inside a Chrome browser.

You can also use YouTube to switch between several RTMP ingest streams. One drawback of RTMP however, is the huge latency which makes the stream go out of synch very easily.

you can take a look on this =]

@“Oliver (Boinx)” - Thanks Oliver. mimoCall was the path I was headed down so that confirms it. Again, thanks.

@“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” - Yes - it’s on my list however we’ve committed ourselves almost entirely to mac for the moment. I may try it on an Azure instance - but looks like it needs client side installed on Windows. Thanks anyway.