Multiple Ingest Servers


I was wondering if was possible to live stream to multiple ingest servers…say, stream NGINX across my network while simultaneously doing a stream via YouTube live? I know it sounds screwey, but I guess that’s how I roll these days.


Tom, we are looking into possible solutions for this.

Have you guys get any solution to multiple streaming? it would be great if we could stream to facebook, youtube and any other ingest servers at the same time.

This is my big hold up on purchasing a license. I love the software, especially being a Mac friendly office. But we want to be able to stream to Facebook and Periscope simultaneously.

@“Collin Moore” @“Juan Saco Mironoff” @TomD

At this time, we recommend using for multi-endpoint streaming.

Encoding several H.264 live streams at the same time is placing a huge burden on the CPU with the risk of dropping a lot of frames and other unwanted side effects.

In addition, Facebook requires us not to support streaming to other endpoints when mimoLive is streaming to Facebook live.

@TomD, I haven’t tested this myself, but it’s my understanding that you should be able to stream mimoLive to NGINX, and then NGINX should be able to stream to your LAN, and it should also be able to simultaneously push the stream to an ingest server like YouTube, Facebook, ustream, etc. using a push command as long as you get the setup in your NGINX config correct.

The link below shows a tutorial on how OBS users have setup their NGINX server to do this very thing. I would think mimoLive users could do the very same thing. The relevant section is towards the very bottom of the tutorial. It looks like with push commands in your config, you should be able to send the video to as many ingest servers as you would like by having NGINX do it instead of mimoLive.

This also seems like a superior solution because you’re only doing the encode once with mimoLive instead of trying to encode the same video multiple times. Instead, encode once, but use NGINX to direct the same traffic to multiple places.

Just to be clear, I have tested streaming via NGINX and it works wonderfully, but I have not tested simultaneously pushing the same data stream out to the Youtubes, etc. I would expect it should work fine since all it’s doing is sending a second stream of the same data to another destination.

Thanks so much for this information! We gave your approach a shot and it worked like a charm! We’re streaming across our school network and live on YouTube…and it also archives it on our channel automatically.


That’s awesome dude. I’m glad you pulled it off.