Multiple audio tracks and slide length

I would like to create an slideshow with 2 audio tracks.
I can not automatically adjust the slide length two match the complete length of both audio files. Fotomagico does just match it two the first audio track and add blank slides for the second track.

What am i doing wrong?

Please check the “Linked to slides” option for the audio items. You should uncheck this, so that the beginning and ending isn’t hardwired to a certain slide.

However: Is your slide standing still (no animation) while the transition from audio 1 to audio 2? Then you could add the image a second time and put the audio 2 to this second slide.

Due to the nature of FotoMagico (being a live presentation tool) it is sometimes difficult to do audio authoring the right way. In a live presentation environment you may want to pause the slideshow in order to talk to your slides, but keeping the music playing back. Thats why it sometimes don’t work like expected when trying to use a fixed timing.