Multiple audio channels in livestream

We want to livestream multiple audio channels
The enduser will then be able to choose which audiochannel to listen to, just like the language selection in e.g. an MKV.
Does anyone know how to achieve this?


Hi @willemjaap This is an occasional feature request. We have yet to figure out how to provide the additional audio channels via RTMP which does not seem to support this feature.

At the moment we can only include 2 channels. There is a worksaround, where you can create mutliple Streaming Outputs and use different Audio Mixes so you get two (or more) streams with different languages. Users will have to select the proper stream, though.

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Thanks, @Oliver_Boinx, I’ve done some experiments.
RTMP does support 5.1 audio which could be used to send more audio tracks, but has it’s drawbacks as well
HLS does support multiple audio, so the workaround you suggest could work, with e.g. RTMP to NGINX with different keys, let NGINX do the HLS conversion and create your own master playlist, by hand.
We are now trying to use ffmpeg for this, which does support it more or less directly