Multicam control and few other things

Hello! A newbie here trying out the trial version of this software. Previously I’ve been using mainly ATEM, Panasonic, etc. switchers and also vMix so I have few questions regarding this software to see if it would fit my needs. So any help would be appreciated!

  1. Using a Stream Deck by Elgato. I’ve read the forums and manuals but for reasons beyond me I can’t figure out how to map multicam angle switching buttons to the Stream Deck. I have tried to use the Elgato plugin and also Companion, but no luck. Just to note I have mapped Atem Television Studio buttons to my Stream Deck with Companion without any problems

(the mimoLive UI has a dedicated button for X-keys, would that controller be easier to map buttons to?)

  1. I have couple of NDI cameras that mimoLive thinks have PTZ controls, even though they aren’t PTZ cameras. This creates a problem in the multiview as the source has the PTZ controls taking almost half of the space from the preview window (which sucks if I need to use a mouse to do the selecting if the source) So the question is, is there a way to remove the PTZ controls from the source window?

  2. When using the 2 TOP 8 Bottom view on the multicam. Can you add anything else on the preview windows than source, program or placeholder cards? As I’ve used to have Preview on the left and Program on the right, but I can live without the preview window, but it would be nice to get something else displayed on the second TOP view. Like stream/recording status, comments, etc. …

Thank you for any possible help and looking forward in investigating this software more!