Multi Image output using Atem Mini Pro or Atem Mini Pro ISO

Hi, I am keen to produce a multi image (multi screen) Educational Livestream using the Atem Mini Pro using MimoLive.

For example, let’s say I am Livestreaming a Educational Cooking show for Students at a College. I have Camera 1 wide, pointing at the set, Camera 2 above the set showing the food being prepared, Camera 3 tighter on the chef’s face. I would like all three views to simultaneously stream out live as a single output. Student’s can now see all 3 views at once in one window.

Or if there was an extra guest presenter, then 4 camera views would stream simultaneously in one viewing window.

I think this is possible with MimoLive and the Atem Mini Pro (or now with the Atem Mini Pro ISO?).

If this is possible, how could one configure this using MimoLive and the Atem switcher (+ computer and camera inputs) to do this?

Thank you for your assistance.

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I have the same doubt in knowing if with the ATEM Controller layer it is possible to have the same number of independent cameras connected to the ATEM device on the screen, that is, if I have 4 cameras connected to the device, I can have the same number of live cameras simultaneously. Attached image for a better explanation. @Oliver_Boinx

I’m not Oliver, but let me explain this:
ATEM mini is not able to bring in 4 different streams the same time.

Use a Blackmagic Decklink card instead.

Hi @Victor_Peralta_Quito

JoPhi already pointed out the limitations of the ATEM Mini. A PCIe expansion box with a card that provides 4 or 8 inputs you can get all cameras in at the same time. Another alternative is to use NDI cameras, the NDI Camera app on iPhones or HDMI to NDi converters to get the independent video signals into mimoLive.

The ATEM Controller layer is for controlling the ATEM switcher. There are of course legitimate use cases where an external switcher makes sense and you can control this without having to leave mimoLive.

Yes, @Oliver_Boinx ,
one of my top favorite use cases of it is to simply combine 4 different cameras to one input into mimoLive. This is very cost effective.

If you have a DeckLink Quad 2, you can use one for mimoLive’s mixed output and on each of the 7 other inputs, you can connect 1 ATEM mini (4 Inputs) / or ATEM Television Studio HD (8 Inputs) / or any other cheap ATEM mixer to have lots of different moving cams inside.

By switching full screen (even with virtual perspectives) it’s a BUNCH of ins, you won’t have otherwise. It’s genious!

And since the ATEM-layer allowes switching ON CHANGING the variants, everything is switched SMOOOOOOTH, as long as each of the DeckLink-Input is showen in the MultiView!! :smiley: :smiley: :heart: - Also between virtual perspectives!!

By intelligent combining, you’re able to show up to 7 angles the same time.