Multi-channel audio encoding?

I’d like to record 4 separate audio sources into 4 channels of audio so that when playing the video back later, one could fade (front, back, left or right) to be able to isolate to, and hear, only one of the original audio sources. I’d imagine some sort of surround sound encoding would be required. Is this possible in mimoLive?

@“Scott Joing” Thank you for your inquiry. As of version 2.8, mimoLive supports stereo only. We’ll consider the feature for a future version.

Thanks Oliver.

Hello, I’m sorry to re-activate this post, but Facebook and Youtube accept now 4ch audio encoding RTMP. I think specific encoding will be useless, because of Ambisonic or surround need third party softwares? Will future versions support it ?

@Thelud Thanks for using mimoLive and for drawing this to our attention. We are currently investigating what needs to be done to support this. Unfortunately, documentation isn’t widely available, so it is on our list but not in the immediate future. Multi-Channel support in general is around the corner, though.