Mp4 video constant skipping

Hi there! I don’t know why, but since i installed the last version now all the time i stream an mp4 video, it skips both audio e video a lot o frames. It goes like continuous bumps. Did someone have some ideas?
Sorry to give you all this feedbacks but it seems like this new version really gave me a lot of problems.
I’ll probably downgrade, but i’d like to try the forum help before :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help.

HI Francesco, it is very good that you give us all that feedback! Thank you very much.

With “last version” do you mean 5.9.1 or 5.10b1?

Oh yeah, sorry. You’re right.
I mean 5.9.1.

Thanks for the clarification. Although mp4 video is normally decoded by a hardware decoder, this can also be a symptom of the processor being throttled. Did you install the Intel Power Gadget so you can check if the processor is throttled?

(Just read in the other thread, but just to clarify: This happens with Turbo Boost Mode disabled?)

What frame rate is your video and what framerate the mimoLive document?

Can you please send me the mimoLive document that has this problem? (Send me a link to the zipped file on WeTransfer, Dropbox or something like that via DM.)

Sure i can.
In the meantime i give you som information.
Yes, it happens even with the turbo boost mode disabled (thank you for the gadget by the way). :frowning:
Mimolive frame rate is 30.
Skipping video is 1080pHD 30p AppleProRes4222.
I’ll send you the project via direct message.