Moving files, risking lost links

I will be moving all my pictures and slide shows etc to a new computer. Along the way, I may reorganize my file structure which might might cause my slide shows to lose link to source images. If so, how do I tell FM where their new location is? Is there something I can do in advance to minimize the work?

From my experience moving files works fine. There is a copy of each picture inside the project-file. If anything is missing and FM can’t find it in the original location it will prompt you to choose a new location.
I don’t know how your file structure is, but I have a separate folder for each slideshow project. In it I keep all the used pictures alongside the project-file.

My process of creating slideshows is the same as oliverschwinn – I begin by creating a NEW separate FOLDER, then dragging all of my images (and soundtracks) into THAT folder. That way the entire project can be moved around as a single entity, and everything is easy to find.