I am new at this. I cannot move added text by itself. I can rotate independently but cannot change location on picture. The picture and text move in unison when I click and drag the text. The user guide says to click outside the text box and then drag title anywhere. Appreciate some help.


That definitely sounds unusual, since you can only move one layer at a time (during the editing process), and pictures and text are on separate layers. Also, there’s no way to “group” layers so they behave as one (that is, moving both text and image at the same time on the stage). At the moment, I’m stumped…sorry :frowning:

Thanks for your response statistic. BOINX SUPPORT came to the rescue. The Caps Lock Key will ungroup the layers. Works great using the caps lock key to ungroup before attempting to move the text layer.

I must have missed that part about “grouping” using the Caps Lock key – ooops on me :expressionless: I’ve never grouped layers together, so could be why I was unaware of it.

@stantastic I’m sure there are dozens of “hidden features”…