movies in fotomagico.....yes or no

Am I the only one having trouble with movies in Fotomagico 3.8.5?
After export as a standalone player, my slideshow stops at the point where a movie (.mov) is inserted. Al least, when replayed on a different computer.
Playing the same exported file on my own computer - on which the slideshow was made and where the original material is stored - is no problem at all.
Who can help me and advise what to do?
Thanks in advance.
Best wishes,

The Netherlands

Please check if the computer at which you try to run the standalone player has the correct video codec installed for this kind of movie you want to play: Copy the movie in question to the computer and try to play it back with the QuickTime player. Does this work?

Dear Achmed,
Thanks for your reply. It’s difficult for me to try that, because the computer on which I want to show the slideshow will be the one of a (presumed) customer. Is there no way to avoid the problem? After all, exported as a standalone player, I should be able to play it on any (not too old) mac, isn’t it?
Actually, I had the very same problem on my own computer, when the original file was not stored on my computer. I got it back from my backup, and the problem was fixed.
Any idea what that could be?
Best regards, Yvonne

If you need to make sure that the video runs on the customer computer, you have to convert the source videos to a codec that runs on their computer. Choose MPEG-4 for example which should run on all computers. Also H264 codec is a wide spread format.

Dear Achmed,
Me again. I am not familiair with codecs and stuff, but the movies I used are shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, which uses the H.264 codec to compress video. I’ve put some small parts of video’s in between pictures to get some real movement in my slideshow. Isn’t H.264 the most common used codec these days? Is it possible that this cannot be played on a Mac-book?

H264 should work just well. Please try to play back the original movie file on this particular MacBook. Maybe the codec installation on this machine is broken. Do you have another Mac to test this as well?

Hi Achim,
I am sorry I called you Achmed in my earlier posts, I did not read well enough. My apologies.
Thanks for your help. I’ll try to arrange this, to play the original movie on a different Mac. I just have one iMac myself, so I have to find someone to help me.
As soon as I’ve done this, I’ll get back to you.
Best wishes, Yvonne