Move pictures from the STORYBOARD to snippets' placeholder??

When I import pictures about a travel, I import all of them at once (may be 1000 at least). I might then decide to use some snippets later, when reviewing and editing the slideshow. In that case it would be useful to move the pictures from the storyboard to the snippet’s placeholders. Moving from my picture folder is ok and working, but then, I still have to find the right pictures and then delete the duplicates, which will still be on the storyboard.

Is it possible (could not find a way)? Or is it s feature missing?

I have found it is better to select, organize and improve your slideshow pics before you bring them into the storyboard.

This would be a very useful feature to (re)order pics that are already in storyboard. See also unable to move pics from storyboard into a snippet

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That I usually do, but last minute changes always occur; moreover if you use snippets the pre-order is not useful, since you normally experiment with snippets. Here is where the dragging from the storyboard instead from the picture folder would be useful and much faster.

I am also looking for a way to do this. My workflow, I add pics to the storyboard, order them, then open into an editor for adjustments (If needed). I then will go back and add snippets (Frames, Splitscreens) as needed. It’s not very effective to have to delete my pics, find them in the media browser then add them back to the snippet.