Mouseposé Download

I have a pre-app store license for the Mouseposé 3 family. How would I go about downloading the client or trial? I can’t seem to find any download links on the site.



Well, I was able to find the client through MacUpdate. It might be a nice gesture to add the links to the trial or client download back to Boinx’s site for those of us who have traditional license keys.

The reason why we removed the download link from our official download page at is that we don’t want to confuse new customers that have to buy it in the AppStore even they would have downloaded the app already as a trail from our website. Usually the build in software update should give you the option to download and install the new version. Anyways, you may ask for a download version at support(at) at any time.

You could put the link here. That won’t confuse new customers. I just found this link on another forum. It seems to work.