Mouseposé + Big Sur

I just installed Mouseposé in Pin Sur and it does not work. After initial configuration and permission settings you can use the keybinding to enable the effect, but if you click the mouse it stops working. The effect does not follow the mouse cursor anymore and if you disable and re-enable the effect it just stays stuck in the same place.

It does not matter if the Mouse clicks or keystrokes are configured as standalone or with Mousepose effects.

Hi @misc Thank you for giving Mouseposé a try. We’re using it all the time on Big Sur, so we’re surprised that you experience these issues. Can you please double check the version number? Are you using Mouseposé 4.1?

I’m running 4.1. I was able to get it running properly after I added another permission on Security & Privacy. I had to allow it on Accessibility AND Input Monitoring. Just giving the originally requested permission was not enough.

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I’m glad to hear that you could figure it out. Thanks for sharing the solution! We may be able to request those permissions in the next version.