More transitions

I would like to see additional transitions in the next update. Some of the ones that I am particularly interested in, are splitting the screen either vertically or horizontally. It can be done, with masks and layers, but it would be so much easier with a one click transition. I would also like to see some multiple directional transitions where the slide is replaced by another slide in a variety of directions. This is not like the slide transition or the push transition, because the original slide would remain visible, as the new slide moves across the screen in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. Eventually, the new slide would obscure the old one. Again, this can be done with layers and masks, but it eats up a lot of available layers. I just like a wide variety of transitions, and the more that are available, the happier I am. You’ve got some great ones currently, but I think additional ones would only improve the program. I’m sure that others would agree.

Matthew Ruch


In another thread, someone suggested adding a “blur” transition – one image blurs out to be replaced by another image blurring in (this can’t be done in FM, and currently requires a third-party app).

I suppose the the question concerning a “blur” transition was me. Another missing transition is fading color into black and white and vice versa.