ML 5.11-6.0b5 crash with Window Capture

Repeated on all last beta versions
And on M1 and on intel

When add window capture - choose window - open setting - try to change size of window - crash

Here not.

Does the framerate differ between the document and the screen recording? (30fps document, 60 fps display refresh rate, or 25fps document, 60fps display refresh rate?)

This should not be an issue, but maybe the conversion brings something to crash.

Does this phenomenon only appear in new documents, or also in older or former used documents?

Have you sent the crash reports to boinx? Here the info about it:

i use macbook pro intel and dont know its framerate, with macbook air m1 - dont know too.
i used macmini m1 with 60fps monitor and ML template 30fps - crash too

i crashed on old working templates

crash report

I noticed some stutters (in dependency of different frame rates), especially when I have Capturing with Blackmagic Design Desktop Video 12.2.1 the same time - But no crash. DesktopVideo 12.2 does not work at all with M1-max. 12.2.1 was a quick the-same-day bug fix by BMD., but it does not run perfect.)

I assume that most of the internal displays run at 60 fps.

Can you avoid the crash by adding, saving, closing the program, opening, changing?

Hi @did Sorry for the troubles. Thanks for posting the crash report. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal any useful information which usually means the cause lies outside of mimoLive. In case of Window capture, the root of the problem could be the application whose window you try to capture. This is due to the way window capture works where the macOS asks the application basically to draw the content of the window twice, once into the window on the screen and another time into a “fake” window from mimoLive. What application are you trying to capture? Can you switch to Screen capture instead?


window capture of zoom window worked before 6.0beta normally 2 years

Hi @did, Thank you for reporting this.

After a bit of experimenting, I’ve been able to reproduce it. At first I did not understand that you were resizing not the captured window but the mimoLive window with the capture settings overlay open.

The problem has been introduced by macOS 12 which is reporting a bogus window dimension for the captured window.

It will be fixed in the next version of mimoLive.

Meanwhile, mimoLive doesn’t crash if you close the settings overlay before your resize the mimoLive document window.

My “zoom” also regularly crashes, when I use the “top link” to open a meeting. When I open the Browser-link, it works.

But I use screen recording instead of Window Capturing. (too many resources lost by Window Capturing) So maybe my mimoLive survives the crash of zoom.

@Oliver_Boinx, I’ll also submit something about this. Maybe there is also something introduced with MacOS 11 or 12.