ML 5.10.1 no input audio

In the new version of ML (5.10.1) when I create an audio source I can’t get the input, this only in the new version in the previous version (5.10) is perfect.

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+1 I have the same problem. I have no audio from any of the inputs available in the audio source including the built in mic.

Please uninstall and reinstall ML. Some said before, that this solved this issue. I never had this issue, so please tell me if this information was useful for you.

Thanks! that was the solution to uninstall and install again.

You can also use the “Reset mimoLive…” option from the Help menu. It has reconnected my missing audio sources, but be aware that the issue might happen again on 5.10.1. Personally, after resetting twice in a few days for this reason, I have downgraded mimoLive to version 5.10.

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If I set the Audio buffer size in the preferences to 512 samples it works.
…but annoyingly it causes lip-sync issues (the audio is delayed) when bringing in an outside source.