Missing Media Files

I keep getting an error message " Media File is Missing" next to most of my newest pictures when I try to import them into a new slideshow using the “images” tab. HOW DO I FIX THIS ? I have already rebuilt that particular Photo Library. I’m using a Macbook Pro

I have sent numerous communications and page views experiencing the same problem for several months while participating in the Beta. However it still has not been resolved. I use both a Macbook Pro and an Imac.To-date I have not received any solution for this problem. Unable to use numerous images. I have reset my Photos and worked directly with Apple to make sure it was not an Apple problem.

Am I to assume by looking at date of these posts that issue is not resolved not even followed up? I am having this problem with the Media
file Missing. I locate, think prob is resolved, then it will randomly show up again. This is frustrating. Im thinking FotoMagico may have been a bad choice for me

@“Sandra Bales” I’m sorry to hear that you experience issues with FotoMagico. Please contact support@boinx.com where our team of top notch supporters is happy to help you.