MimoRemote on iOS through direct USB connection? (not just on Wifi)

Does the MimoRemote App work through USB or just on Wifi?
When working on location I always use MimoRemote on my iPads but I find it complicated to always bring a wifi extender to create a separate network (or creating it on the Mac).
So I was wondering if the control surface could work just on USB connection… I tried out of curiosity and it seems to be working but I would love to hear some official position on this… it will definitely help my work on Mimo!
Otherwise I would file a Feature Request :slight_smile:

Hi @fermento Thanks for the report.

This is indeed very interesting. I have been able to test this also and confirm that it works.

It’s probably that the iPad creates an IP connection via USB C if you connect the iPad to a Mac.

Very cool!

thank you Oliver for confirming.
SOOOOO NICE! :slight_smile:
FYI I’m using a normal lightning cable, not USB-C