mimoRemote not working

I don’t know what’s going on. I updated my iPad for the 13.4.1. Then, the Remote is not working anymore. It is working but when you click in one Button, goes on air and less then a second turn off again.

Watch the video:

Can you help me?

All I can do to help is to say that I’ve seen the same behavior. When using remote to activate individual layers, they cycle on and right back off.

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I learned right now that I need to keep one finger in one layer, and with other finger I can activate other layer and it keeps on. But… this is not the way it should work, right?

It’s definitely not supposed to work that way. The new behavior is very different from the way it has always worked.

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Thanks for reaching out and reporting this. We will investigate. I saw this last week on my iPhone but I thought it was a once-off fluke. I’ll get back to you.

Update: It works if you open the Remote control surface in Safari which is a work around.
It seems to be an issue with the mimoLive Remote app and iOS 13.4.1.

We’ll continue to look into this.

Hi @Troy, @Paulo_Sergio . Thank you for using mimoRemote and for the feedback. I have tested the app under iOS 13.3.1. and IOS 13.4.
Under iOS 13.3.1. everything still works as expected.
I have experienced the same issue under iOS 13.4., which means that there seems to be an issue from iOS 13.4. upwards. We will take a deeper look to see what is causing this issue.

Hi @Troy & @Paulo_Sergio. The new version (1.1.) has been approved by Apple and is available for download.

Confirmed. A quick test says it appears to be working correctly again. Thanks.

Thanks @Troy :muscle:

Hey, guys… Everything is working. Thank you!!! @Mladen_Bekavac and @Troy