mimoLive's current recommended MacOS version

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Here’s a suggestion for the Boinx team (@Oliver_Boinx @Achim_Boinx): would it be possible for you to advise your loyal mimoLive users in terms of which MacOS version would you recommend for both Intel-based and Apple Silicon users (in case there is any difference, of course)?

This idea came to me as many of the recent posts that are related to troubleshooting seem to have some sort of connection with either the MacOS version or the CPU category.

Full disclaimer: I am primarily interested in your recommendation for Intel-based Macs, since mine is a 2020, 27-inch i5 iMac running MacOS 13 Ventura. Particularly on the most recent versions, I noticed increased CPU usage from mimoLive, and this always makes me wonder either if I would benefit from an OS upgrade or if I am simply falling behind. Since I certainly won’t be able to upgrade in the near future, these recommendations would be much appreciated!

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Hi @profgustavoreis That is an excellent point. There are many factors to consider: For most people it’s best to find an app version/MacOS version that works and keep using that. (Never change a running system)

However, in real life, this normally ends with people having to make a giant leap in versions as there are more dependencies. For example, Zoom stops supporting the older SDK versions every 12 months or so, so if you’re using Zoom integration, you have to update. Or Google turns off the service we use to create QR codes suddenly last week. Now, if you’re using the QR Code source, you’ll need to update mimoLive.

My strategy for avoiding this is to keep OS and mimoLive at their most current versions with the option to revert to an earlier version if I need to. This has become more complicated with MacOS releases on the Apple Silicon machines, though.

In summary: I wish there were a perfect answer. A certain amount of due diligence remains on the user side. We aim to support every version of mimoLive on the latest MacOS releases and as far back as possible.

Regarding the increased usage of CPU: This is interesting. On the Apple Silicon Macs, we have achieved a significant reduction in CPU usage over the last couple of releases. The changes should also benefit Intel Macs, although we have not specifically worked on this.

Can you tell me a case where this is particularly noticable? For example, a document that has better performance on mimoLive 6.1 than on mimoLive 6.6.1? This would help us really understand what’s going on. Upgrading MacOS to Sonoma could go both ways: Improving performance or making it worse. Some parts of the OS perform better, others worse. I would say on average, Sonoma should perform better than Ventura.

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Thank you very much, @Oliver_Boinx! That was very elucidative! :clap::clap::clap:

Regarding performance, I have upgraded to MacOS Sonoma this afternoon and will keep you posted!