MimoLive - Version 6.0b5

Just wanted to mention that I did a very successful show for a client using Version 6.0b5. Normally I wouldn’t use beta software, but my old intel mac just wasn’t up for the job. I was impressed with the stability of Mimo on the M1 mac mini. I didn’t encounter the “known bug” for the virtual camera audio. We were using the virtual camera with a Zoom Webinar without a hitch! I was sweating bullets, but was very pleased with the outcome.

I continue to amazed and happy with how well mimoLive generally performs. I had used an earlier beta for some other work, and we had several crashes, but nothing with this most recent one.

Just a question, I see the most recent beta no longer references “mimoCall: The video back channel drops regularly for a second or two.” Has this been now fixed?

The mimoCall back channel drops have disappeared on our test setups. We do not know exactly why, but maybe Apple fixed something that broke it in the first place.