Mimolive saves multiple files

Hi there! Anytime i save my project it creates a new folder with extension “.tvshow.sb-321d65b5-wFbAuQ” or something like that. This really keep my hard disk busy. And couple of streams ago i had a memory leak that completely full my hard disk freezing the whole system. Any idea on this?
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Sorry to hear that! This are two individual problems that are not related (even if it looks like so).

  1. The file handling of documents is done by macOS for mimoLive. macOS first creates a temporary folder (mimoLive documents are actually folders) where mimoLive is allowed to save files into. Once this process is done macOS removes the old document folder and replace it with the new one by renaming it. This way your old document is still there if mimoLive fails to save a new one (overwriting you old data and make it unusable when stopping in the middle of the process). In your case it looks like this mechanism isn’t working out and somehow the folder keeps its temporary name. Is the file location something special like an external hard drive with MSDOS format?

  2. Filling up your hard disk with a memory leak is totally our fault. Unfortunately those are hard to takle down if we can’t reproduce them on our end. Can you reproduce it? Can you provide your document to us so we can have a try?

It looks like after setting all documents imported into “Absolute path” and not “copy into document” the issue has been resolved and even the memory leak, unfortunately for you, but luckly for me, never happened again. If so, i will write it here!
I have a couple of things more that i pur here and maybe, if you want i can open up a new topic.

  1. Bug. If i open a document and then push Cmd + s to save it, before the file is fully loaded, Mimolive crash and turn off.
  2. Little problem (but not a bug i think). I use a lot of shortcut but it is very annoying that if i write something into a textfield it keeps the focus for long time so that if i use a shortcut it takes that key combinations like if i’m writing again on the textfield, obtaining weird character and no effect for the shortcut. IT would be very useful for me (maybe in some next releases ;)) if, after a while, the focus of a textfield in a level will be over otherwise after i wrote something, i always have to click on some other level to let the textfield lose the focus. I hope i explained it good :slight_smile:

Anyway, congratulations for your awesome job and thank you!

Achim, I have a reproducible memory leak in 5.6b1.

It happens with the Web Browser source.

All I need to make it start leaking is to add a Web Browser source, load a webpage (www.cnn.com) into it, and then select the Web Browser as a source in a Placer. It doesn’t need to be live but I think it does need to be selected in a Placer.

Let me know if you need a sample file, but I think these instructions are enough …


[Sorry, I know this is not the best place for this bug, but I was reading and was reminded to tell you!]


  1. Thanks for reporting, this will be fixed in the next beta.

  2. This is macOS behaviour and we can’t change it. Ever considered to use your phone as a remote control device which won’t get in your way and works much better than having to remember all the keyboard combinations? https://docs.mimo.live/docs/remote-control-surfaces

Thanks for reporting the memory leak! We can confirm this for macOS 15.5 and we will fix it in the next beta. As a workaround for now make sure that you don’t select the layer that is using the web capture source. The leak only happens if the little preview of the web capture source is shown below the source selection popup menu for that specific layer.

(Please create a new forum topic for each bug you find next time, so nobody gets confused by the post title! :slight_smile: )

Yes, I am really sorry. It was very lazy to post here, but I was worried I might get even lazier and not report it at all …


is this important for all sources/layers, not only fir web capture source?
ps confirm memory break down in b56b1 (im not used web capture, but used windows capture)

@did Currently we only can see the memory leak in the combination Web Capture Source/Layer Preview. The Window-Capture source may be a different problem: Because the drawing of the window of a 3rd party app may cause trouble to that app the memory leak may happen in that particular app? Can you see the memory leak in mimoLive in particular when monitoring the memory usage with Activity Monitor app by Apple? Secondly which app window are you capturing?

i streamed everyday
last 2 days didnt crashes
i have 32gb ram mac pro 2013 3,5Ghz 6XEON
i use 2 windows capture for zoom 2 speakers

top memory usage app in memory activity is -

  1. mimo = 2,31gb
  2. VTDdecodeXPCService = 861mb
  3. WindowServer = 257 mb