mimoLive Reporter + mimoCall: Larger program preview feed

Unlike the web interface where mimoCall presents the program feed large and your own feed is small, when using mimoCall via the mimoLive Reporter app, the preview program feed is in a very small box.

I would prefer for the live program feed to be large and your own camera feed to be small (similar to how a FaceTime call is).

I understand that having your own feed is important because Reporter app enables users to add graphics and text to the feed, but I would strongly prefer a more simple app (maybe separate/new app?) where the only function was to connect to a mimoCall code/link (without the ability add graphics/text/photos/etc). I just wish it was more simple.


+1 on the above. We’d very much prefer the live program feed to be the larger of the two feeds. Being able to toggle select between the two would be nice, but if not, would prefer the reporter’s own camera to be the smaller image.

I agree. This would be a great feature to have, so that the person calling in can see the show. Thanks so much!

+1, app is non usable for talks-only guests

+1 also please! it is even harder when doing a 9:16 show… it is waaaaay too small to see on a small iphone

+1 for me! MimoCall is not great for guest contribution when they need to see the Program Output.

I’m having the same issue, my talent needs to see the program output. Does anybody have a good workaround?

Olá boa noite.
Minha necessidade é maior para que o retorno da imagem esteja maior.
Aguardando a possibilidade de escolher.

+1 I had a recent situation where trying to get the user to work the app was near impossible for a one time stream.