Mimolive Remote control for Iphone/Ipad is still a thing?

Hi Everyone! I used to work with remote control app from iphone or ipad but now it finds my macbook as a server but no open project when i click on my macbook name.
Is it no more working? Or there is something i’m missing?

BTW i obviously flaged the “Allow remote control access” checkbox.
It works from my local macbook (using browser access) but not from iphone or ipad (even using browser access).

Any idea?
Thank you,

Hi Francesco,

The remote control surface is still very much a thing. As a matter of fact it is one of the core features of mimoLive.

What you see happens when the iPad, while on the same network, isn’t allowed to communicate with the Mac. This is a network policy called client isolation. Another reason could be that your network is using IPv6 exclusively. You can verify if any of that is the case by opening the web browser on your iPad and entering the URL that is shown in the mimoLive Settings at the bottom of the Remote Access panel.