MimoLive on new MacbookPro M2 and Ventura

I’m waiting for an M2 Max Macbook Pro.
I have been running a lot of successfull mimoLive events on my trusty 2018 intel Macbook Pro but it was time to move on.

I still use the rock solid 5.11 version on the old laptop, and I’m wondering about the latest 6.2 version.
I can read in the release notes “We highly recommend using macOS 12 Monterey”.

But of course, getting this new laptop means it will run Ventura so I’ll have no chance to downgrade to Monterey.
Considering Ventura has been out for a few months, I’m asking all of you and especially to the developers: is everything OK with mimoLive on Ventura? or is there anything to be aware of?
I’m of course planning of doing test runs for days before using it on production – but I just wanted to check first if there’s anyone who’s willing to share some good or bad experiences.

Hi fermento
I’m using a MacBook Pro M1 Max with macOS 13.0.1 Ventura and don’t experience any problem whatsoever. ML runs smoothly with 20+ layers and several cameras at the same time. We also use a Syphon Out with a second opened document, additional medias, PIP, lower thirds and so on. All without any problems. I would not hesitate to expect to have any issues with the M2 neither.

there is no problem under ventura under Macbook pro max 2. I would even say it’s crazy how well it works