MimoLive on Big Sur with X-Keys

I recently finally updated my system to macOS Big Sur. I checked compatibility for the most important software that I use. I figured that since Big Sur has now been available for exactly a year (first as beta to developers, since October 2020 as release version) that all the major compatibility issues will be ironed out. Boinx even announced on March 14th that mimoLive is full functional on Big Sur.

Well, it’s not… My X-Keys keyboards do not work. I can select the keyboard in the UI and the lights on the keyboard correctly lit up or go out when layers are enabled or disabled. But pressing a button does nothing. I’ve checked the Security & Privacy settings in macOS to make sure mimoLive has access to Input Monitoring even while using another app.

I’m using version 5.10.1 and also tried 5.11b1 but this also does not work. Please help. I have a X-Keys 80 of which 70 buttons are in use. It’s impossible to control it from the web interface, let alone the mimoLive UI. I have a stream coming up very soon and it seems to be impossible to manage without my X-keys keyboard.