Mimolive now crash too often in clicking on layers (and sublayers)

Hi guys, i’m working with the last version of Mimolive with a lot of layers and sublayers, each with video and image. Now during my streams, MimoLive is starting to crash too often. It always happens when i click on a layer (or even a sublayer) even if its not to click on “Live” but just to click to see the preview. Can you help me to understand why? It sometimes freeze just mimolive, sometimes the whole system and i need to shut down. I Would like to share with you the crash log but you need to help me in find it in the system. :slight_smile:
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sublayers? what exactly do you mean?

With sublayers I meant layer variant.

@bandian I’m sorry for the troubles. Can you please send me the crash reports via DM?

Hanging. Sorry. The system Hangs.
Of course i’ll send you the crash report.
Can u help me in find it?
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If mimoLive hangs, we need a Process Sample.

You can find the instructions to create one here:

Ah, I just realised that the way the forum displays a link can be confusing. Click on the headline.

I’ll try, but the hanging freeze all the system and i have to hard reboot the mac. I cannot open the “Activity Monitor”.

Ok. I think i did it.
It was very hard because i was easily able to create the hanging jumping here and there from layers to layers. And then the whole system hangs. I wasn’t able to open the activity monitor so i needed to do some trick (multiple cmd opt esc + press switch off for 5/8 second ecc.) but after some time i was able to open the activiy monitor and i did the sampling, while mimolive was still hanging but the system was not anymore. I’m sending to you the process sample via dm

Are you using the Web Browser Source?

Can you also please let me know what computer you’re using?

No, i’m not. I’m using a lot of cameras (via NDI), a Windows Capture source and a slideshow, though neither the Windows Capture source neither the slideshow need to be “live” to make the hanging happens.

I’m using a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 6 core 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB MAC OS Catilina 10.15.7 (19H2)

Did you get my process sampling via dm?

Yes, thanks for sending the process sample. We think it might be a thermal throttling problem with your 16inch MBP. Please download the Turbo Boost Switcher and turn off Turbo Boost Mode.

You can track the issue using the Intel Power Gadget.

Really? So the system became too hot and it lows the performance and mimolive experiences hard times? And this happens just to me? :\

It’s happening to a lot of people and not only with mimoLive. It’s a systematic problem of the Intel MacBook Pros which are too thin for their own good. The problem is severe enough that someone created the Turbo Boost Switcher to allow people to turn off the turbo boost mode in order to reduce the problem.

Well. During my yesterday stream, i turned off the turbo boost and the mimlive didnt hang as before, but really gave me different performance problem (see the other post). I’ll tell you if this will happen again.

+1 on this one.

Seems to happen when clicking on placer layers dependent on playlists specifically - playlists containing both prores 4444 and h.264 MP4s.