mimoLive not showing as Zoom virtual camera source

Hi all,

I tried to use mimoLive as a virtual camera last night and was unsuccessful. I haven’t done this for about 6 months so I suspect there might be some software versioning incompatibility (or maybe the 64GB M1 issue??). Is anyone else having success or trouble?

MacBook Pro M1 MAX 64GB
MacOS 12.3 (developer RC)
mimoLive 6.0b9
Zoom 5.9.1

On the bright side, ZoomISO as a source and my MBP M1 worked very well.



Hi @OregonDean1 I’m sorry about that. The mimoLiveVirtualAudio driver is not working in mimoLive 6.0b9. The mimoLive Virtual Camera, however, should work. Where you able to select the mimoLive in Zoom or was it not available at all? Can you please send me a screenshot of the Virtual Camera Output Destination?

As temporarily alternative, you could use NDI Virtual Webcam/Input.

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx. I was pulling what’s left of my hair out last night. I solved the audio by having Zoom connect to my Bose T8S audio mixer as its audio source (which also feeds mimoLive). For my next gig I can fall back to this, although there was a slight echo coming back from Zoom that I will have to fix if mimoLive’s audio doesn’t get resolved.

You said the virtual camera (video only) should be working. That’s where we need to focus because it wasn’t working for me – no virtual camera. See below screenshots of mimoLive and Zoom.

UPDATE: The virtual camera does work in Microsoft Teams (transposed, but I can fix that). So it’s just my Zoom that does not see this virtual camera. Zoom does see my iGlasses virtual camera. Zoom 5.9.1

Do note that I am on 14.2 RC and have the M1 Max 64G hardware. (We’ve come a long way with hardware and software since Boinx helped us with our Munich conference in 2009!)






@KHlo I’m not following you. I’m trying to get from mimoLive to Zoom. Zoom does not support NDI inputs. I suppose I could try to find a utility that sees mimoLive’s NDI out and converts it to a virtual camera. Is that what you were thinking?


NDI 5 has a virtual camera plugin which works exactly like that.

Can you please try The mimoLive virtual camera version 1.4?


It does with NDI Virtual Input. I’m using that as well. Create an NDI OUT in MimoLive and install NDI Virtual Input on your Zoom machine and your done.

@Oliver_Boinx Sorry for the delay. I installed the new virtual camera yesterday but needed to find time to restart my laptop.

IT WORKS! Zoom detects Virtual Camera 1.4.



@Oliver_Boinx The ZOOM/video conferencing audio configuration instructions in the manual are very clear and work great. See here

I think it might be helpful to correct/reword the first step in the configuring for using both Zoom In and Zoom Out. The screen shot is a Zoom screenshot for video into mimoLive and is out of context. It should be replaced with an Output Destination screen shot. And the wording should reference “Output Destination” so folks are reminded where to create a new Audio Mix.


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Hi @OregonDean1 Thanks for reporting. I fixed the documentation.