mimoLive module for Companion now in beta

The latest beta of the Bitfocus Companion contains a brand new mimoLive module, thanks to Stephen Harrison.

You can get the beta here: https://bitfocus.io/companion/download/builds/

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It’s great to have a mimo module for companion!

Is there a way to use the module to trigger and get feedback from the solos in a split screen layer?

I can trigger it with a generic http module but theres no status feedback.

Perhaps you should contact the developer Stephen Harrison and ask for specific enhancements. As this is the first release, I’m sure more will follow. Layers toggle including status feedback works perfect with the beta.

For the Companion users here, I don’t get to make different companion pages for my different Stream Decks I have. I have a mini and a XL, but if I open Companion, I see the layout of the XL only.

The buttons that will be shown on each size of Streamdeck are indicated by the different grey backgrounds in the UI. The light grey area top left are seen on the 15 button Streamdeck and the 3x2 dark grey buttons inside that area are shown on the nano.

It’s one set of buttons for all connected decks, but each deck can be displaying a different page.

The best place to post new feature requests is on the GitHub issue queue. There are already items on the todo list for further development, but based on user requests we can assess priorities for what to work on next.

Dear Nasi, the 3x2 field for the small Stream Deck starts in my Companion software at column 2, but the buttons shown on my Stream Deck are 3x2 starting at column 1, so I’m confused about this. No idea what I do wrong.

Hmm, that sounds like a bug. I don’t have one of the nano decks to check myself, so might be worth flagging with the Companion folks (Slack/GitHub/Facebook).

The latest beta version now has variant support.

This is currently limited to API Endpoint addressing only, as index addressing will require an API change by Boinx first (which is on their ToDo list).