Mimolive Freezing and sometimes crashing during recording

Hey all,

Been trying to figure this out the last few days, been using mimo for years at this point and never come across this. I have tried multiple versions, but mimo is freezing then it will unfreeze and hold for a bit or crash. No rhyme or reason of which after recording for a bit. Sometimes it takes mins, sometimes it has gone for 25 mins before it froze. 2 mimocalls active and I am recording program out and both those calls being at the same time. It seems to be related to recording because when it unfreezes, sometimes the recordings are still going and sometimes they are stopped and ready to be started again.

On macos monterey and currently utilizing 6.6b1 version to see if that fixed it and it did not

Any help is appreciated

Hi @JK2468 I‘m sorry about the problems. Are there crash reports you could send us? It seems like you can reproduce the problem. When mimoLive hangs it would be extremely helpful if you could take a process sample and send it to me.

i sent the crash reports via email and i am about to run recordings and once it freezes up i will grab a snapshot of the processes