mimoLive Example: (Aula 3) APRENDENDO EQUAÇÕES DIFERENCIAIS - 2/4/2024 - YouTube

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Hey there, @Oliver_Boinx and everyone!

Thanks for sharing this video! This is a lesson from a course on Differential Equations I invited a friend to teach me! Professor Julio Lombaldo is also a teacher in one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. Since I have a degree in Computer Science, but not in Mathematics, I have learned Calculus and Linear Algebra many years ago, but never had the chance to learn Differential Equations. That’s changing now, and that’s also thanks to mimoLive!

Let me share some of the underlying components:
– Julio connects to my studio using mimoCall from a browser running on a Mac Mini;
– I have customized Split Screen layers and use them together with Placer layers that display transparent overlays on top;
– Julio’s iPad connects to the studio using Skype (this allows me to use NDI to bring his iPad screen capture into mimoLive as a source);
– I have another Split Screen layer that is configured to show Julio’s camera next to my whiteboard camera for situations when I want to write something (check this out at 48:30);
– And then there’s another Split Screen layer being used so that we can use a web browser, as I did to talk about Leonhard Euler’s hat in this lesson (check this out at 32:25).

All the best,

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Hi @profgustavoreis That is awesome! Thanks for sharing the details on how you’re doing it.