mimoLive crashing

I’m working on evaluating mimoLive trial. I was able to set up a fairly complex stream structure with a number of options. It was all working well through the day and was streaming to both Meta and YouTube on a test basis. I saved the doc throughout the process. I made one change to to a source, and didn’t save, and mimo crashed. I have tried reopening the saved doc, which was working okay, but after 5 secs of loading mimo crashes (the main window shows briefly). I restarted several times, but the same behavior. All I get so far is an apple crash report (too big to include). Any thoughts about how I can recover the saved doc? I put a good amount of time into it for testing.

iMac 2019 64G i9 3.6 8 core
Monterey 12.0.1
Latest download of mimoLive, 5.11


Hey, do you use Dropbox or Google Drive? If you want you can upload the document with the crash report to a folder, providing the link to @Oliver_Boinx and @Achim_Boinx as a private message at this board, or at support@boinx.com - (I also use sometimes realy huge projects (for e.g. 10 mixed minus guest setups and things like this, just to see what’s possible on different hardware. Often, font-sizes over 300 are critical.) - Tipp: try to open the document with 6.0b5.

I forwarded the crash report to tech support and they provided a link for v 6.0b5. It was able to open the project with no problem. For appx 10 crash reports, this was the consistent error: Crashed Thread: 51 signaling_thread 0x0x7fb8e402ec80.

The latest beta didn’t help. With testing I isolated the cause to the mimocall client. As soon as a connect is instantiated mimolive crashes. It appears the reason that mimolive was crashing on open is that the mimocall user still had the browser page open in a tab. I had to track them down and get them to kill the browser app and remove the page. Once that was done the mimolive app and doc will open. This is repeatable with different browser apps and different devices. I submitted the crash logs to tech support.

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Thank you so much for describing this phenomenon. Yes, I think the support is the best address. I never experienced anything like this. Thx.