Mimolive Conflict with AirDisplayHost

I use an iPad as an external monitor (connected via USB using an app Air Display).

I’ve noticed that when I open a show in Mimolive the cursor freezes/disappears on the external screen. It still displays content and the cursor can move/click but is invisible.

I’m on ML 5.11b1. The minute I close ML the cursor becomes visible again on the iPad.

Any thoughts on why this might happen and how I can correct it would be much appreciated.

Please try this: add a screen capture source and at the settings click on show cursor. Does it appear? If yes, the external app is using similar methods. If not, no clue!

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Hi there! Thank you - interestingly the opposite is the case but it is entirely because of your suggestion that I found it.

You need to deselect “include mouse cursor” on active desktop capture sources. When cursor is included in a source it conflicts and won’t show the cursor on the AirDisplay screen.

Hope this helps save someone time if they have similar issue.

Wooohooo! Thanks for your feedback on this. Great that it brought you to a solution!

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