mimoLive Beta 4 HUGE gapping memory leak

b3 ran fine for us on an M1 mac mini until b4 got pushed out to us. Now it can’t run for more than about 5-10 mina and I get an “out of application memory” error with mimoLive using 116GB of RAM around the time of crashing the Mac hard… Running Big Sur current updates (not Monterey yet). Beta 4 is currently completely unusable for me.

Credit to macOS and the 16GB M1 Mac Mini for still running while mimoLIve was using 100GB for the application though…

Hi @trusswalker Thanks for reporting. You can always return to b3 by downloading it from https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory

Before you do that, could you please make a Process Sample (Process Sampling - mimoLive - 5) and send it to me? This could help us find out what the problem is. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the link… that would’ve been handy to have the other morning when everything went sideways on us. Our streaming studio is in a different location than our main office. I’ll try to get over there this week if I can to send you a Process Sample. Happy to help.

@trusswalker Can you confirm that this memory leak stops once you switch off all Blackmagic Design output destinations if you happen to have any? (You can monitor the memory consumption of mimoLive with the Activity Monitor app)

@trusswalker Please test the mimoLive 6.0 beta 5 and report back if this issue still persists. Thanks for your time! https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/latestbeta

Uploading: Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 12.12.46 PM.png…

I can confirm that the memory leak is directly attributable to BMD outputs in mimoLive. I left a BMD SDI input active without issue for several minutes and no increase in memory usage.
As soon as I enabled/turned on a couple of BMD SDI outputs, memory usage climbed from 5GB to 14GB in about a minute. I uploaded a screenshot of Activity Monitor here to show the steady usage, then sudden climb, and again holding steady when I disabled the BMD outputs.

And yes, I did just see that b5 was posted. It’s installed and running great with multiple BMD SDI outputs enabled, 1 input, NDI output. All running with no issues AND I noticed a much smaller memory footprint on initial launch (and it holds there). Well done!

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Glad that we fixed the issue. Thanks for your feed back! :slight_smile:

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