mimoLive 6.6b6 restores compatibility with Intel Mac running MacOS Sonoma

MacOS Sonoma contains a bug that prevents mimoLive Layers from working properly on Macs with Intel processors. mimoLive works fine on Apple Silicon Macs.

mimoLive 6.6, which is now in Beta testing, restores compatibility with Intel Macs running MacOS Sonoma.

If you have an Intel Mac that is already updated to MacOS Sonoma, please test this new version and let us know your findings in this thread.

Download mimoLive 6.6b6

Have just updated to: Version 6.6b4 (30166)

Really happy to have MiMo back up and running.

One immediate bug … when selecting ‘Recents’ from the initial dialogue box on open, the beach ball spins.

However, when opening from the Recents under File menu or double clicking the MiMo file in Finder, it opens Okay.

Does this make sense?

Hi @AwolAdam Thanks for reporting this. This should be fixed in mimoLive 6.6 when it becomes available.