mimoLive 6.0 coming soon. Please test the beta!

After what feels like an eternity, we were finally able to track down the issue that caused mimoLIve 6.0b to crash when receiving a mimoCall on an Intel Mac with Monterey and fix it!

This was the last major roadblock for a mimoLive 6 release which is now coming soon.

mimoLive 6.0 will finally officially support M1 Macs. Pleaase use this last beta cycle as an opportunity to do some final tests on M1 and let us know if you encounter any issues.

Get mimoLive 6.0b11


I will! I will do this extremely! Thx for the notice!! :clap::clap::clap:

Hi there, @Oliver_Boinx ! That’s great news! Regarding system requirements, will version 6.0 continue to “highly recommend” Catalina as the OS of choice for mimoLive? I’m asking that because of a few other apps (more specifically, Final Cut Pro and Compressor) that have been requiring Big Sur and later in their most recent versions, but I am still running 10.15.7 primarily because of mimoLive. Thanks in advance!

Hi @profgustavoreis Good point. We will change that wording which was added when Apple introduced Catalina… :wink: mimoLive 6 is fully supported on Monterey for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. I don’t think there is anything that works better on Catalina than it does on Moneterey.

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Wouuu Great news . mimocall is back and works perfectly . Thanks for the job and this perfect version.

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Awesome! I’ve been using 6.0b11 in production, and it’s been very stable this far. It seems like it’s time for the long jump from Catalina to Monterey! Great job! :smiley::+1:

Thanks for this news. With this, we may chance upgrading to Monterey. Can you confirm this will work for a non-M1 Mac on Monterey?

Based on our own tests and user feedback so far, yes.

Yes it’s work perfectly

Just want to say that I’m on 6.0 and the transition to Monterey (Intel) and 6.0 worked seamlessly. I’ve also been watching your YouTube video of the new features. Super helpful and excited to share my test of this with the rest of our team and clients. For us, excited about the background options and all those stingers are helpful, too.

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