MimoLive 5.9b1 PTZ Camera

Hi all at mimoLive…

Trying out your 5.9b1… Just fyi. I have a Ican Ottica PTZ camera connected via NDI. When I opened mimoLive, it saw the camera but did not show any image. I had to replace the libndi.4.dylib file in the NDI.framework/Versions A and Current folders in mimoLive with the libndi.4.dylib file that I copied from NewTek’s NDI Video Monitor contents file to get mimoLive to show the image. It seems to have fixed the issue for me. Just wanted to let you know and find out if there’s a different path that I should take instead of what I did… Thanks

@GwenEvents Thanks for reporting. I have a Lumens PTZ camera and that works well without the “operation”.

Could it be that you did not install the “NDI HX Driver” from the ndi.tv website?