Mimolive 5.6b1 NDI Audio Video sync bug

Mac Pro 2013 (Zoom + Layers with masks + 9:16 Program NDI out) -> Cable RJ45 1Gbit-> Macbook Pro 2017 (NDI in + 9:16 Stream to FB, IG)

In moments of rare overload due to the use of masks for video sources on first device (i see the rare red lines in the Render Performance monitor) begins a significant lag in audio on the second device (macbook pro).

The asynchronous audio on the second device is eliminated by muting and resetting the NDI out on the first device.

Can you fix the problem? I’ll assume that if the rendering is overloaded, the frames are lost. I see a small number of them in NDI out. The video keeps coming through the NDI without lagging, but the audio starts coming through with lag, which keeps getting bigger and bigger timelag.

Thank you for the report. We’re currently investigating this issue.

adding crashlog https://yadi.sk/d/hQ9QEbI9c5V9Bw