MIMOLive 4 runs WAY slower than version 3

Is it just me, or does version 4 run much, much slower than version 3? I am using the same computer, same camera, same microphone… but in version 4+ the video is not as smooth, the voice sync is often WAAAAAY off, there are intermittant stuttering, the layers are more stuttery and less smooth when they transition.

And this is the same whether I am going live or just recording video to the HD. In fact, if I record myself with MIMO Live, and then record myself in QT or Screeflow, the video through the camera is much choppier and the audio is much more out of sync.

My iMac is a bit older, so perhaps 4+ uses much more resources? (gives me a reason to upgrade)

@“Ray Lane” Thank you for reporting this. The new features of mimoLive 4 require additional resources, if you use them. Are you getting dropped frames in the output destination stats?

Yes, and I see lots of ‘red’ when I am doing my lives, much mores than before (same internet), but even recording to hard drive, and even when I just have it open, without any streaming or recording, I can see some stuttering when I open a lower third, and even the video on the camera has a hesitation and is less smooth than when I was using 3+

@“Ray Lane” Weren’t you looking for a reason to get an iMac Pro? :wink:

We’ll have to investigate this further. Can you provide the document to us so we can look at it?