mimoLive 4.0b4 not live streaming

I am using the new mimoLive 4.0b4. It won’t let me use the start streaming (it’s greyed out).

I have to live stream tomorrow morning, please help me someone.


May I suggest you download version 3.2.1, which is the current stable version. 4 is still in beta. Get through your stream tomorrow and figure out this issue under less stressful circumstances.

This is the response I got from Oliver Breidenbach and it works. Thank you for your prompt response!

In 4.0 we changed the way you set up streaming destinations. In the right hand column of the main window you have to add a streaming destination by clicking the little + just below the program out where it says “Output Destinations”. Don’t forget to also add a recording destination if you want to record your stream locally. The setup of the streaming destination hasn’t changed.