mimolive 2.5b1, MP4 Video's

Just downloaded 2.5b1, Thank you for the playlist feature, have already so many uses for it. My existing MP4 video files that play perfectly fine as a stand alone layer will not play in the playlist, they will freeze after within a second of being live. .mov work seamlessly. I should also mention that hey are playing fine in the preview window.

Thanks for reporting. Can you share one of the MP4s that aren’t working?

Hi Oliver, Have sent a link to your inbox.


@winnie The problem was that the files do not contain an audio track and the playlist source did not handle this correctly. The fix will be in the next beta release. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for that information, an easy work around in the meantime. Is there a possibility of adding a freeze or hold last frame option on video sources.

Thanks for the feature request. Currently freeze or instant replay is not implemented.

mimoLive 2.5b2 is now available and fixes the mp4 issue.