Is there a way to output a mimocall guest directly to an separate video output and send it to a display?

@janols Thanks for using mimoLive and mimoCall.

Yes, there is a way to do this:

  • Set up a Placer Layer with the caller’s video at the bottom of the layer stack below everything else.
  • Add a Syphon Sender layer directly above it.
  • Open a second document.
  • In the second document, add a Syphon Source and select the output from the first document.
  • Play out the second document full screen to an external display.

Let me know if that works for you.

you could also use the Syphon Simple Client (playback on 2nd screen/projector), it might use less system resources & be easier to setup: https://github.com/Syphon/Simple/releases/tag/version-3

You’ll still have to do the initial setup in ML for the output but in case your machine is like mine (getting old & almost maxed out as it is), this might help.

also, if you have a Blackmagic Design device that can output video, you can use this free utility from VDMX called Black Sypohon on the output side as it lets you pipe in a Syphon source right to the output on the device, so you can go straight to a projector or display. I used this last month to change between a desktop and iOS device during a presentation and worked well.