mimoCall video frame rate lower with beta

Is anyone else experiencing this, and is there a reason this is happening?

I have just done a tech with four mimoCalls and the video of the two of my guests who were running the beta interface was about half the frame rate as usual. The video frame rate for the two mimoCalls on the non-beta were fine.

I had one of my guests switch back over to the non-beta link and the video went back to normal frame rate.

Using mimoLive 5.9 on a 15" 2017 MBP running OS Mojave, with Sonnet Breakaway Puck eGPU, with ethernet connection to internet.



Hi Ben, I noticed a difference in resolution and frame rate depending on using h.264 or VP9 which you can set in the mimoCall Source.

On the callers end, it depends sometimes on the browser they are using.

VP9 is a codec I’m unfamiliar with. Is that a better bet if I’m seeing a reduced frame rate?

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